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Want to work at Lenny?

See our job openings to join a dynamic team changing insurance for the better.

Our mission is to make car insurance better.

That means less complicated, totally transparent and way more flexible. Our drivers can get covered in just a few taps, for an hour, a day, a week, it’s up to them. But to deliver, maintain, and develop that awesome service, we need customer-obsessed, restlessly curious, creative thinkers to join the team.

Oh and we need them to be nice too. Life’s short and all that.

Life at Lenny

Our app is straight-talking, smart and always very helpful. Same goes for our people. We’re not about endless emails and meetings. Stand-ups, Slack and QT with Karin’s dog Kaiser are more our jam. We’re a start-up so we work hard and drink an awful lot of coffee, but we’re loving every second of it.

Our kind of people

• Are a little crazy, a lot curious.
• Understand data but not driven by it.
• Fail sometimes, but never twice in the same way.
• Relentlessly question the status quo.
• Embrace ambiguity, but don’t shy away from a little process (it’s fintech, there are some rules).
• Enjoy occasional visits from dogs.

See yourself here? Check below for openings